Wednesday, July 12, 2006

From a Mumbaikar to the Jehadi

So are you celebrating, my jehadi friend?
You seem to have reaffirmed the trend,
of trying to break my spirit down,
of trying to take out this town.
seems like Allah would be very pleased,
he might send u two boys, well greased,
or some houri in the skies above,
on you might shower all her love.

but maybe not, and you know why,
even though yours was a cunning try,
it didnt work as you had thought,
didnt break my spirit, didnt get me distraught
I am still traveling, on that first class coach,
I am out on the streets, while u hide like a 'roach

Seems like Allah would not be very pleased,
He might send you to the Satan, well greased,

I know you are lurking in some corner,
waiting to pounce upon me again,
you want to see me broken and bruised
you want to see me writhing in pain
but i will not capitulate ever,
even if u chop my limbs off,
i will keep walking my chosen path
I am used to having it tough

you will never succeed till the judgement day
and Allah will have u perennially plastered
(that's only if i dont get you before that)
so bring it on you jehadi bastard!!