Sunday, February 03, 2008

If Wishes Were Time Travel...

..Then I would talk to everyone I wanted to

..Then I would make more friends

..Then I would keep more friends

..Then I would not be afraid of failure

..Then I would never talk back to my parents

..Then I would start working out at 18

..Then I would never take the first drag

..Then I would keep a ponytail in college

..Then I would ride a cruiser bike instead of Hero Puch

..Then I would be a rebel without a cause

..Then I would study English literature in college

..Then I would go to college in Delhi

..Then I would take a one year break before college

..Then I would tell my first crush of my crush

..Then I would have my first kiss at 15

..Then I would participate in debate competitions

..Then I would ask my parents to have a daughter

..Then I would beat the shit out of that lousy sardar kid

..Then I would not have met that lousy sardar kid

..Then I would always be a child..

( be continued over the next bout of insomnia)