Monday, September 08, 2008

The Best Things in Life

Have you ever wondered
How the best things in life
Are always those that you encounter
When you least expect to

They come to you just when
You are lost in the mundane
Mired by the fetid
Feeling uninspired
Or just being a gene machine

Like a song on the radio
By a band you have never heard before
But that moves you and sometimes
If you are lucky
Gives you goosebumps

Like an act of kindness
Which is just that
And nothing more

Like a train of thought
That leads you to understand
The work of a genius

Like a sudden realization
Of youth

Like a strangers smile
That you return
Long after they are gone

Like a phone call from the past
That takes you back
Where you have always wanted to go
But didn’t know the way

Like someone reminding you
Of something you said long ago
That they liked and remembered
While you forgot

Like stealing furtive glances
At someone and to find
Them stealing glances at you

Like reading a line
A para, a page
That perfectly expresses something
You felt but
Could never find words for

Like a sincere compliment

Like a thought provoking conversation
With someone you barely know

Like someone you love
Exploding your fa├žade
Making you feel naked
And loving you back
For what you are


Rachana said...

Well expressed ya, BTW Hi!

WATSON said...


-rb said...

Nice poem. Wonder what was the inspiration :-)

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