Friday, August 03, 2007

The Reason You Dont Get Any

Scott Adams points to a study which reveals that the amount of sex you have is in inverse proportion to your IQ. In simpler words, geeks with hundred digit IQs dont get any action. As if we didnt know that already! One possible reason for this, according to the scientists, is that testosterone may be responsible for suppressing IQs. But then, how does one explain the gazillion gigabytes of porn you'd stumble upon if only you walked into any engineering/b-school hostel? I have a different explanation for this finding: Nature has intended sex to be a means of recreation. People have sex because its fun. In the bargain, nature gets to propagate the species. Neat Bargain. Now imagine a situation where you, as a male, have to put in efforts to get laid. The trade-off for you is between putting in this effort (which will ofcourse vary from person to person depending upon looks and other skills) to get recreation versus finding other modes of recreation. People with higher IQs (geeks, in uber-technicalese) seem to opt for the latter option more often than the former. It could be either because the effort involved in trying to get sex is much more for them or because the effort involved in trying to find recreation through other means is much less. I think the latter is the case. Geeks genuinely seem to enjoy playing strategy video games, mugging up trivia, collecting stamps, coins and ossified excreta from other ages and so on. That for them is an easier and arguably more refined form of recreation rather than the basal fornicatory pleasures.
Whatever the case maybe, the fact of life is that if you have the hottest chic in town clinging on to you, no one bothers about your IQ.


Anonymous said...

Ohh...I disagree. Look at Einstein's colourful life...or that of Feynman...or other numeroud "geeks"!! I am sure you would find enough examples to refute what you read :-).
Though I do agree to the quote, " I think, therefore I am single". But the having a colourful life and this quote needn't be mutually exclusive...isn't it? :-)

shobhit said...

sahi hai Sir,:)

Finally I got an answer for my miserable state.Now the question remains, where I stand in IQ scale
below 70 or over 120?

Is reading others blog is also counted as other competing interests?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely not...I disagree.
This shows you simply envious of others around. There are chics like me who only fall for geeks...cuz in some sense they are not really bothered fro chics around...dunno what makes them do so ? But if that is the case then I am still in favour of geeks!!

Carpe Diem said...

who is a real geek? someone who just has high IQ? or someone who JUST has high IQ?
Its passion that attracts.... passion for what you do... passion for u who are...passion for what u want.... women (refuse to use the word Chicks here) like that.

Besides is life only about dangling the hottest Chick (sic) on your arm... don't you want to play strategy video games, mug up trivia, collect stamps, coins...err lingerie??

Do watch Big Bang Theory...its about Geeks... but maybe not for Geeks...or I guess I am geeky enough to defend Geeks